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How to read the pay slip: the content on the pay slip

The first thing to know about salary is to understand the basic information that salary provides. These include deductions for various taxes, insurance and other items.

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This is a simple breakdown of most salary stub deductions and their meaning.

The following items are usually listed on your payroll:

Your taxable income or income

Your total salary, which is the total amount you earn from a particular paycheck.

Your net salary, which is the amount you take home or directly deposit into your bank account.

Withholding taxes (including federal taxes, state taxes, social security, medical insurance)

Other deductions, such as childcare, retirement planning and paid time off/vacation.

Let’s start with withholding tax and introduce these basic parts of salary in detail:

Federal income tax

Our federal government takes a portion of your income from each salary. This is your federal withholding tax-send it directly to our federal government.

The withholding amount is directly related to the amount you earn. A key factor in this calculation is how much deduction you selected on the W4 form.

On the W-4 form, you can provide allowances for yourself, your spouse and your dependents. For each allowance you choose, you can pay less federal taxes and your salary can increase. With fewer allowances, your salary will be less.

State income tax

Most states deduct income tax from your salary. Some states do not. State taxes are deducted directly from every check you receive.

Social Security

The federal government requires every worker to pay part of their salary to Social Security. This is the retirement system established by the government in 1935. Each worker directly contributes 6.2% of his total income to the social security fund. Each employer also pays an additional 6.2% for each employee’s salary.

Medical Insurance

The federal government also requires every staff member to contribute to Medicare, which is an insurance plan that provides hospitalization, medical and surgical benefits to citizens over 65 (and some disabled people). Each worker contributes 1.45% of his total income to Medicare, and each employer matches this contribution with the other 1.45% of each employee on the salary.


If you sign up for medical, dental or life insurance plans through your employer, your contributions will be deducted from your salary. Today, few small businesses can afford to provide these insurance plans. However, large companies usually offer one or more of these insurance options. You usually need to contribute to the plan, that is, deduction of salary.

Retirement Savings Plan

If you are in a company that offers a retirement plan (such as a 401K), contributions to that plan will be deducted from your salary. When participating in a 401K plan, you usually choose the percentage of pre-tax salary/income to contribute to your 401K account. If your employer has any type of matching contributions, this plan is the best savings and retirement plan you can and should do.

Flexible spending account

This kind of plan is not common, but some companies may allow you to set aside some money for out-of-pocket health insurance, deductibles and prescription drugs. The deposit in the flexible spending account will be deducted from your pre-tax income.

Health Savings Account

Larger companies may provide a health savings account so that you can set aside funds for future medical expenses. To participate, most people will have to have a high deductible health insurance plan. The deposit to the health savings account is deducted from your pre-tax income.

Why check your deductions

Every salary you receive has a stub containing a year-to-date (YTD) field for each withholding category. In this way, you can track the amount you paid for taxes, social security, medical insurance, etc. during the year. Some employers may list other contributions, such as a 401K plan or a medical savings plan.

One thing to remember. You are responsible for ensuring that there are no errors in the salary report. If your employer is large enough to have a human resources department, then you should ask them any questions, or if you think the salary is wrong, please contact them. If you work in a small business, ask your manager or business owner if you have any questions.

Your salary also includes your year-to-date gross income and net income. You can view the current year’s income, current year’s deductions and current year’s take-home salary.

Keep the security of salary stubs

Some salary stubs contain sensitive information, such as your social security number, name, and address. If you do not keep them, you should chop them. If you keep them, you should lock them in a safe place.

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