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How to read salary: Contents of salary statement

The first thing you need to do to understand salary is to understand the basic information that salary provides. This includes deductions for various categories of taxes, insurance, and other items.

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This is a brief breakdown of most salary deductions and their contents.

Pay slips typically list the following items:

Taxable Income or Income

Total salary , that is, the total amount of money earned on a particular salary.

Net wage , that is, the amount you take home or deposit directly into your bank account.

Withholding tax (including federal, state, social security, and Medicare)

Other deductions , childcare, retirement programs, paid leave / vacation, etc.

Let’s start with withholding tax and take a closer look at these basic parts of salary.

Federal Income Tax

Our federal government takes a portion of your income from all of your salary. This is your federal withholding tax-it will be sent directly to our federal government.

The withholding amount is directly related to the amount you earn. An important element of this calculation is the deduction amount selected on the W4 form.

The W-4 form allows you to provide allowances for yourself, your spouse, and your dependents. For each allowance you choose, you will withhold less money for federal taxes and you will get more money on your salary. And with less allowance, you will receive less money on your salary.

State Income Tax

Most states collect income tax from their salaries. There are some states that are not. State income tax is levied directly on every check you receive.

Social Security

The federal government requires all workers to donate a portion of their salary to social security. This is a government-run retirement system established in 1935. All workers donate 6.2% of their total income directly to the Social Security Fund. In addition, all employers pay an additional 6.2% to all payroll employees.


The federal government also requires all workers to contribute to Medicare, an insurance plan that provides hospital, medical, and surgical benefits to citizens aged 65 and over (and some disabled people). I will. All workers donate 1.45% of their total income to Medicare, and all employers match this donation with an additional 1.45% of all payroll employees.


If you have medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, etc. through your employer, your contribution will be deducted from your salary. Today, SMEs can hardly afford these insurance plans. However, large companies routinely offer one or more of these insurance options. In many cases, you need to contribute to the plan, the payroll deduction.

Retirement Savings Plan

If you’re in a company that offers a retirement plan like a 401K, donations to the plan will be deducted from your salary. When you join a 401K plan, you typically choose a pre-tax salary / income ratio to donate to your 401K account. If the employer has some type of matching contribution, this type of plan is the best savings and retirement plan that can or should be implemented.

Flexible spending account

This type of plan is uncommon, but some companies may allow you to reserve some money for your health insurance out-of-pocket, deductions, and prescription medications. .. Deposits in flexible spending accounts are deducted from pre-tax income.

Health Savings Account

Large companies may offer a health savings account so that they can secure money for future medical expenses. To participate, most people must have a high deduction health insurance plan. Deposits in your health savings account will be deducted from your pre-tax income.

Why it’s important to check the deduction amount

Every salary you receive has a stub that contains a year-to-date (YTD) field for all withholding categories. In this way, you can track the amount you paid for taxes, social security, Medicare, etc. that year. Some employers may include a list of other contributions, such as a 401K plan or a health savings plan.

There is one thing to remember. You are responsible for ensuring that your payroll report is correct. If your employer is large enough to have a HR department, if you have any questions, or if you think your salary is incorrect, you should contact your employer. If you work for a small business, you should ask your manager or employer if you have any questions.

Salary also includes year-to-date total income and net income. You can see how much you earned that year, how much you deducted that year, and what you paid for your takeaway that year.

Keep your pay slips safe

Some pay slips contain sensitive information such as social security numbers, names and addresses. If you do not want to keep it, you need to shred it. If you store them, you need to lock them in a safe place.

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