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How to get a car loan: shop around!

Getting a new car usually means getting a car loan, because they are a big deal after all. Generally, there are two sources of car financing: dealerships-usually not the best option-or private lenders such as banks or financing companies. Many car buyers choose the latter over the former, and this is for good reason, because every one percentage point reduction in interest rates means that you have to pay less money each month-within the loan term.

Flex Loans Online

So, it should then be for consumers to cultivate choice in auto finance. But how to qualify for the best loan?

Shop around

The first step to get the best car loan interest rate, the best step is the first step to get the best price at any price, the best step-you get multiple quotes. Ask your bank and talk to some financing companies to understand the benefits you can expect. Finally, also contact the dealer. They sometimes offer some discounts.

But what is a big loan?

What to look for

Follow the loan principle or the amount you need to purchase. There are two main factors added together. Your monthly auto loan repayment will eventually be paid over time.


The loan term is the loan term. Usually, it is represented by months corresponding to several years, such as 36, 48, 60, etc. Why don’t they just say that three or four years is another matter, but in essence, the longer the period, the more you will pay. In the long run, your monthly payment will be lower, but in the long run, you will pay more.

Interest rate

The interest rate determines the basic amount you will pay off, because the higher the annualized interest rate or APR, the higher the monthly repayment, and how much you will eventually pay off the loan. The goal is to make the APR as low as possible. Generally, your credit rating will largely determine the APR you will receive.

A combination of these factors can allow you to pay off your loan. Generally, shorter terms (such as 36-month and 48-month loans) have lower interest rates, but higher monthly repayments, because the smaller repayments add up to the total amount of the car loan. Longer periods (such as 60 and 72 months) have higher interest rates, but as the interest you pay increases, the monthly payment will also decrease.

Of course there are other variables. The down payment does not comply with this principle, thus reducing the amount of financing required. Supplementary measures such as extended warranty, fault protection, roadside assistance and vacancy coverage will also increase your monthly expenses. There are also taxes and property fees, which are usually added to the loan principle.

There are many car loan calculators that can show you how to achieve this balance, but you must know what you can do with your budget.

Get prequalification

By applying for a loan from a bank, credit union or financial company to obtain a loan offer, many smart car shoppers are already qualified for car loans even before going to the dealership. Flex Loans Online can help by submitting your application to multiple lenders and getting the best loan offers from lenders in our network of loan partners. Through prequalification, most of the financing troubles will be solved for you, making you more worried about how to obtain the best tools to meet your needs.

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